Steven Burke

Cycling is a hobby for some the same way that it is also a passion to others. The use bicycles to travel, which is consists of two wheels, one in front and the other is place in the back for balanced. These bicycles are not used only for travel and recreation but for certain events or sports as well. One particular famous cyclist of this generation is Steven Burke. He is very effective in this kind of sport.

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Burke’s nickname “Colne Cyclone” makes his other opponent easily distracted. He is currently with his professional team Haribo-Beacon. On 2008, he embodied Britain at the Summer Olympics which Steven Burke qualified in that tournament. But all of these latest actions cannot be attained due to the fact that he followed his family footsteps, which his mother, Sharon Burke and his grandfather was once cyclist who both participate for the national level. In 2007, many are stunned how he steadily beat his opponent which is Mark Cavendish in their sprints training. Like what others say, the passion for something comes within the family.

Coming from a cycling family, Steven Burke was born on March 4, 1988 at Burnley but resided in Colne Lancashire on his early life which time came that his fans give him the nicknamed as “Colne Cyclone”. He entered track cyclist when he was 14 years old and at his young age, it is not a hindrance for him to upsurge from his career where he become part of British Cycling Team Olympic Programmes. With all the hard work comes success, where he began to top his former record by only 11 seconds which he won bronze medal in Beijing in the 2008 Olympics. Steven Burke shares a portion in world record breaking team in Melbourne on 2012 Track Cycling World Championships. He joined that event to repeat the victory of his team mates which he won the gold medal and once again, he beat his own world record. The success of him at such a young age is beyond compared to other famous cyclists who are already famous in this kind of sport. Week after weeks, his skills increasingly develop and his only reason for this is: Hard work plus perseverance plus dedication is equals to success.

Different opportunities came and not a single reason for him to grab the opportunity. This makes this man inspired to strive more in his cycling career when he joined the same sports event but it happened in Belarus where he was awarded with silver medal together with his team. His team mates’ names are Ed Clancy, Owain Doull, Peter Kennaugh, Geraint Thomas and Andy Tennant. Steven Burke and his other four team mates compete and bring home the beacon on Manchester for couple of weeks for the World Cup.

In year 2013, he was given an award called MBE for his dedicated services in cycling. On the same year and place, which is in Belarus, Steven Burke laterally with Sam Harrison, Owain Doull and Jon Dibben comfortably won bronze medal to the cyclist of New Zealand. The event was forecasted on different stations capturing how amazing their team was. Other than this, interviews and picture taking was made which makes them famous around the world.

Steven Burke joined different professional teams like Motor point Marshalls Pasta in 2010, Team UK Youth in 2011, Team IG Sigma Sport in 2012, Node 4 Giordana Racing in 2014 and currently is Haribo Beacon. These professional teams make him famous that is the reason why he owes so much from his former teams. These teams supported him winning different cycling tracks championships all around the country which he was constantly have two world records in 2012 in the month of August, having the same team pursuit of 4000m. Steven Burke won his first championship on 2005 when he joined British National Track Championship. And eventually, years had passed when he joined different championships of different categories which he always wins.

He worked hard for this and his mission is to facilitate wonderful and new opportunities for youngster who wanted to enter in cycling. He wanted to emphasize that this sport is not a hubby but a passion to represent the country in the future. He wanted to come up with a team that will not only represent the country but the key is through the vision of the team.

Literally, cycling is hard sport because if the person is not good at balancing bicycles then cycling is not intended for them. Also, safety first is always the goal in every sports event where any cyclist enthusiast should always where protective gears in case something bad happens during on track. Nevertheless, the winning moments of every competitor in a certain sports event are their armour and gold.

The trophies and medals they won prove that if one passionately works harder, the success and positive results comes in their way. No bad opportunity can hinder their ability to won such kind of these sport events. Steven Burke, persevere to become his self in spite all the winning pieces he receive because he wanted to serve as a motivation to many. Astonishing it is, many are thrilled of how humble he is and many are delighted see him in person.

Just remember what Steven Burke wanted to stress: cycling can be everyone’s leisure but if hard work and dedication comes in, it is passion. And the passion of him becomes reality when all his winning moments at a young age makes him famous around the world and the passion of his often comes with discipline. The discipline effectively controls him to improve and set as stepping stone to become famous around the world. His preparation and proper training is what he wanted to share to all other cycling enthusiast to always pursue what is their passion in life is. Never stop dreaming and always believe that all of this is part of the battle which passion is essentially needed.